Privacy Notice in regard to personal information provided to me, as required by the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) as enacted by and within the European Union.

I have to give certain information, as follows, to any person when they first provide me with 'personal data', as required by article 13 of the GDPR.

Who should be contacted about personal data, and how do I do it?  You contact me, through this website.

What data is collected?  Your name and contact details, usually email address and/or phone number(s).

What is it used for?  Well, unsurprisingly it's so that I know who you are, and so that I can contact you in connection with my bridge classes!  That's all.

What is the legal basis for having this data?  Principally that I can't run my bridge classes without it!  (that's item 1(b) of article 6 of the GDPR).  I also have to keep records of income for HMR&C, so that will be item 1(c).

Does this data have to be provided to be able to join one of my bridge classes?  Yes, because if I don't know who you are and can't contact you, then it ain't going to happen!!

How long is personal data kept?  Unless someone asks for details to be deleted, I keep data indefinitely as bridge is a usually a lifelong interest and it enables me to identify a person that contacts me who I have previously taught.  Identifying a past student may also enable the availability of further bridge services.

Can requests be made about personal data that is held?  Yes, to check it, change it, or ask for it to be deleted.

Can a complaint be made if there is a problem that can't be resolved?  Yes, to the Information Commissioners Office.

Mike Fisher